ResiDex Software
For Assisted Living, Group Homes and Adult Day Services

Better Software. Better Care.

Easy to use.
Unlimited training.
Prompt support from caring people.

ResiDex Software is the innovative, integrated, and user-friendly software solution for your Assisted Living center, Group Home, or Adult Day Services location.

ResiDex helps users manage client demographics and coordinate services, medications, and critical data relating to the care of residents and clients.  ResiDex Software's intuitive design is user-friendly, from data entry to data analysis and all points in-between! Our level of customer support is unparalleled.

Cut Costs

Reduce expenses and increase revenue by capturing services provided, billing accurately, and preventing "service creep"!

  • Ensure correct billing for both scheduled and unscheduled services.
  • Automatically alert staff of care level changes.
  • Simplify the process for charging supplies.

Save Time

Spend less time managing records and more time caring for your clients!

  • Enter information only once--no redundant data entry.
  • Manage and track employee resources, creating efficiencies. 
  • E-Chart services and medications, in real-time, at point-of-service, with the touch of a finger!

Avoid Errors

Prevent errors in service delivery and documentation using the power of ResiDex to ensure accuracy!

  • Detailed, individualized service plans are available at point-of-care for easy reference
  • Facility policies and procedures are accessed at point-of-care via Rtasks
  • Medication e-charting provides real-time documentation of all meds administered, ensuring timeliness and accuracy