Electronic Charting for Mobile Devices & Computers

RTasks allows your staff to do electronic charting with any device with an internet connection and web browser - iPads and iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones, Windows and Mac PCs and laptops, ChromeBooks, netbooks, you name it. Resident care and service schedules created in desktop ResiDex link seamlessly to RTasks, providing immediate point-of-care charting information to caregivers.  Likewise, documentation done by staff in RTasks is readily available to desktop ResiDex users. Service Plans, medication lists, service histories, agency policies and procedures are available to your caregivers at point-of-care in real-time, revolutionizing care delivery! 

RTasks is for E-Charting Services

RTasks is primarily a charting tool for Home Health Aides, Residential Assistants and other support staff. RTasks functions as a daily to-do list, displaying all services and tasks the provider needs to do in an interactive, ordered, and searchable list. As duties are marked complete, they are removed from the 'to-do' list and can be viewed as "complete" or "done".

RTasks users can chart:

  • Services - Services provided to residents (for instance bathing assistance, AM cares, etc - any services an organization offers to residents can be documented here)
  • Chores - General recurring duties that aren't services for a specific resident (for instance, Safety checks, various cleaning duties, etc)
  • Tasks - Specific jobs assigned to a specific ResiDex user to do once (these can be any duty that is not a resident service or a routine "chore")
  • Vital signs - Quickly and easily chart vital sign data for residents
  • Unscheduled Services - Services for a resident that weren't scheduled in advance
  • Notes - Write resident care notes quickly on the fly, while doing other duties - care conference notes, nurse notes, progress notes - any type of note can be entered quickly and easily.

RTasks can be extended with an E-MAR component!

In addition to the E-Charting mentioned above, RTasks can include an integrated Electronic Medication Administration Record system!

  • Medication assist / administration and documentation of declined medications can be easily recorded, along with pertinent notes. 
  • As Needed Medications can be charted when they are provided. Users can quickly see a history of what medications have been administered to a resident with details. 

Learn more about the ResiDex E-MAR!

RTasks is a tool in charting participation in facility events and activities

Chart attendance at both scheduled AND unscheduled activities for individuals or for groups of residents. It is as simple as a tap of the screen!

RTasks is an incident charting tool

As ResiDex tracks and documents incidents, so, too, does RTasks!  Staff can quickly document incidents using the RTasks interface.  Using the customizable incident reports developed in desktop ResiDex, staff can "capture" the data needed to develop prevention strategies.

RTasks is a tool for tracking expenses

Supply Usage - Users can quickly document at point-of-care what supplies were used by each resident, ensuring appropriate billing for supplies.. 

If your facility is providing some services on a fee-for-service basis, the ability for support staff to document unscheduled services at the point of care allows quick capture of those billable services-- often omitted or forgotten when documentation is performed at the end of a day.

RTasks is a messaging tool

Staff members can send internal messages to one another through RTasks and ResiDex.  Need more help on 2nd floor?  Or need to give an "all clear" after a storm warning?  All messages sent from RTasks or ResiDex are visible in both. Since these messages are password protected and are internal to the ResiDex system, this method of messaging is HIPAA secure - users can discuss Protected Health Data over this messaging system!

RTasks is a basic reporting tool

Users can quickly generate PDFs (or print) resident note histories, resident profiles, current medication lists, and daily assignments.   Documentation to accompany residents transferring to the hospital is available at the touch of a button-- and because medication charting is done in "real time", the Resident Profile can include all medications administered in the previous 48 hours.  

Why RTasks?


RTasks loads and works very quickly for users - careful consideration goes into the design of RTasks to maximize efficiency and reduce load times. RTasks is the fastest way possible to perform e-charting!


RTasks.net is browser-based, and accessible on all Windows, Apple, Android smartphones, tablets, and computers that have internet connections and are running modern web browsers. 

Designed with mobile devices in mind, RTasks scales and adjusts its displays to fit the size of your device.  Information is always displayed in an easy- to- read, easy- to- use manner, no matter the size  of the screen.  In addition, permissions granted to nursing supervisors enable Nurses on-call to access key information from their homes, such as recent nursing notes, current medication lists, PRN usage, etc....  

Powerful Integration

RTasks is completely integrated with  traditional desktop ResiDex; anything charted or documented in RTasks is immediately updated for other RTasks and desktop ResiDex users - so there is no miscommunication as to who has done what, etc....    Additionally, all items documented in RTasks - scheduled or unscheduled services or medications,  notes, activity participation, incidents, etc - are able to be pulled into the same quality reports available from desktop ResiDex!