Introduction to ResiDex

Computer, Ipad and smart phone withResiDex Assisted Living Software

ResiDex offers complete solutions for managing housing and clinical care, human resource, and billing requirements. Initially developed for use in assisted living settings, it is easily adapted for group home, independent living, and adult day care centers as well.  

ResiDex enables the facility to effectively manage:

  • Demographic Information:  ResiDex captures core data essential for day-to-day operations, including resident demographics, diagnoses, allergies, family/responsible party contacts, emergency information and more.
  • Medication Information and Management:  ResiDex tracks the resident's current drug regimen and history over time.  Data can be pulled quickly into reports such as MD referrals, Physician Orders, Resident Profile, and Emergency Information to coordinate services with other health care resources effectively.
  • Service Plans:  ResiDex allows customization of services to meet the needs of your facility.  Nurses are able to individualize plans to each resident, assign services to specific providers, and create clear service expectations and descriptions.  This information can be communicated to staff through worksheets or service charts, and can also be "pulled" into Service Agreements or Resident Plans provided to residents and families.
  • Staff Data:  ResiDex supports the collection of key data about employees and allows tracking of certifications and licenses, training and education, staff supervision and evaluation.  It also allows assignment of routine tasks to providers, and so can extend its functionality to housekeeping, maintenance, and other departments.
  • Incidents:  ResiDex supports the tracking and reporting of incidents of any type including falls, medication errors, elopements, injuries, and complaints.  These incidents can be linked to follow-up documentation, pulled into incident summaries, graphs, and charts, and become the basis for an effective Quality Management Program. 
  • Billing:  ResiDex accommodates a variety of billing systems and include Rent, Supplemental Charges, and Supplies as well as Service Care Packages or Service Levels and Fee-for-Service (including variable rate pricing, fixed rate pricing, and fixed count pricing).

 ResiDex offers additional components that extend data management further and create a fully-integrated care system:  CliniDex, ActiviDex, Rtasks, and Rtasks Unplugged.

Security And HIPAA Compliance

We take security and data privacy very seriously. ResiDex and all of its add-on modules are fully HIPAA-compliant, ensuring all information is shared on a need-to-know basis.