Pharmacy Connect

ResiDex Software's Medication Management system has been a powerful tool that allows nursing staff to effectively manage the medications of their clients. Nurses are able to enter resident medications into ResiDex with the corresponding dosage, frequency and route information; these entries generate paper Medication Lists and MARs in a variety of formats and also create electronic or E-MARs as well. It is a great tool to ensure the residents' medication records are up-to-date, legible, and accurate.

What IS Pharmacy Connect?

Pharmacy Connect is a new ResiDex feature that offers the latest in electronic health integration.  By linking ResiDex software with your pharmacy's electronic health record, a truly integrated record can be created. No more gaps or discrepancies between pharmacy and facility! In essence, the pharmacy enters the medication order, electronically sends it to the nurse to review and accept...Voila!  The records are fully integrated. Not only does this system provide "checks and balances" between facility and pharmacy, it can also save nursing time in data entry, and provides value as a quality assurance tool, ensuing medication names in your E-MAR and your reporting match exactly what the pharmacy will be printing on labeling and packaging. 

How does Pharmacy Connect work?

  1. A medication order is sent to the Pharmacy as it would be normally
  2. The Pharmacy enters the order into their software, as they would normally
  3. The Pharmacy's software sends a secure, encrypted message to ResiDex with details about the order
  4. The new medication order appears for nurse review
  5. A nurse reviews the details and may amend instruction, administration times, and approves the order
  6. The medication will appear immediately on the E-MAR and reporting.

 Pharmacy Connect + ResiDex E-MAR

ResiDex E-MAR and Pharmacy Connect are two entirely separate ResiDex components. Users can opt to use Pharmacy Connect but NOT the ResiDex E-MAR, (and instead print out traditional paper MARs). Alternatively, an organization can opt to use the ResiDex E-MAR but NOT use Pharmacy Connect, opting to have a nurse do all medication data entry into ResiDex. 

That said- Pharmacy Connect and the ResiDex E-MAR work very effectively together! With Pharmacy Connect AND the ResiDex E-MAR, nurses benefit from less time spent in data entry;  they have the system of "checks and balances" afforded by having both facility nurse and pharmacy staff reviewing orders; AND they will have the paperless, real-time medication management system that E-MAR provides.

  • Nurses' time is spent providing care instead of doing data entry 
  • Integration with the pharmacy provides the system of "checks and balances" between pharmacy and facility nurses
  • Paperless systems create more legible entries and reduce time spent printing, delivering, and filing paper MARs. 
  • E-Charting can be done via mobile devices or computers by aides at the point-of-care, creating a more secure and time-sensitive documentation system
  • Records and reports are available at the touch of a button-  top quality, accurate, detailed, and legible.  

What pharmacies are supported? 

ResiDex Software's Pharmacy Connect already works with a number of large pharmacy software packages and pharmacy service providers; we want to work with pharmacy providers large and small!   We are committed to expanding the capabilities of and partners for Pharmacy Connect - if we don't already integrate with your pharmacy or pharmacy software, we will be happy to work to develop the integration! Want to know if your pharmacy is supported? Give us a call!