Electronic Medication Administration Records

RTasks.net is more than a tool for electronically documenting the services provided clients and facility tasks or chores. RTasks.net also offers an optional E-MAR capability. E-MAR functionality flows seamlessly into the RTasks electronic service charting;  staff don't need to learn or maintain a redundant system.

Preparation / Setup

  1. Each resident's prescribed medications and standing orders are entered into ResiDex (if you have Pharmacy Connect enabled, this step is done for you)! 
  2. All medications that require staff assistance will generate RTask entries for staff to  electronically chart
  3. Nurses are able to electronically record in RTasks as they set up medications or verify those received as setup by the pharmacy.  The Nurse selects the resident,  a time range,  and is presented with corresponding frequencies and times.  The nurse simply documents each instance the medication is setup using touchscreen entry.  

Regularly Scheduled Medication Assists

  1. Medication assistance services appear in RTasks that correspond to the specified medication times and routes for every resident.
    If a resident has more than one medication at a particular time, those medications will all group together in one service. 
    If a medication was configured such that a Nurse must do the actual medication assistance, only users entered as Nurses in ResiDex will be able to electronically chart providing them.
  2. Users passing medications will indicate if a medication was administered or declined.
    • (Optional) Minute tracking can be required of your staff. When required, users review and may update the number of minutes required to perform the task
    • Notes can be recorded for each successfully administered medication passed.
    • Notes must be recorded for each declined medication.
    • Medication assists that require documentation of a particular vital sign before the med itself can be passed (Weight, Blood Glucose, etc) is possible to configure in RTasks;  users are required to document that particular vital sign before they can document the med administration.
    • When providing medication assistance, staff have access to the history of medication administrations for each medication, scheduled or "as needed".  
    • When providing medication assistance, staff have access to your organization's medication administration policies/procedures if it has been entered in ResiDex.
  1.  Once documented, all e-charting records become available as reports in ResiDex. ResiDex users may opt to run a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly summary that can include each medication that has been provided to each resident, which staff member provided the medication assistance, and documentation of when a med was declined (with the required notes of explanation recorded by your staff).

"As Needed"/PRN Medications

As Needed Medications can be charted by your staff in "real time" at the point of service delivery.

  1. Staff can select a resident, view standing orders and/or their as needed medications, and the reason or action of each of the medications.
    • Staff are able to see at a glance if the PRN me has been given in the last 48 hours, how many times, when, by whom, and any notes that were made. Staff will be able to further expand this to show ALL medications that have been given in the last 48 hours for this resident. 
    • A flag notifies staff if they are preparing to administer a PRN medication sooner than the ordered frequency allows
    • Staff  have access to medication administration policies and procedures (if they have been entered in ResiDex).
    • Staff must enter a note explaining why a PRN medication was administered.
  1. When an "As Needed" medication is administered, the E-MAR automatically schedules a follow-up task for staff to document the resident's response.
  2. "As Needed" medications that have been charted in the E-MAR may be viewed in charting logs and reports in ResiDex,  with all pertinent notes and details. 
  3. The nurse has the ability to be alerted to review in RTAsks all PRN medications administered by staff.