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Senior getting a medical assessment with an assisted living nurse

CliniDex is a comprehensive assessment management module that fully integrates with ResiDex software. This module, developed specifically for assisted living, includes multiple assessment options and related worksheet and summary reports. CliniDex allows the nurse to document the appropriateness of a prospective client, assess a resident's condition on admission and as needed, and to create service plans and agreements based upon the assessment findings.

CliniDex will save time and give you peace of mind by:

  • Assisting you in meeting regulatory requirements including documentation of vulnerability, creation of individualized service and medication management plans, documentation of staff supervision... all done in Clinidex!
  • Setting up notifications and reminders for recurring assessments, MD orders, staff supervision, etc....
  • Creating efficiencies- one assessment database pulls information into a number of reports and documents, avoiding redundant entry.  Each assessment builds on the previous, reducing time spent in data entry;  data that does not change doesn't need to be re-entered!
  • Allowing accessibility- information is easily available, when you need it, at the touch of a button!
  • Ensuring security- access to information in ResiDex and CliniDex is on a need-to-know basis.  Managers set roles and control access to privileged health information.


Nurses can perform any and all assessments in CliniDex, including Pre-Admission, Admission, Clinical Update, Supervisory Visit, and Transfer/Discharge Assessments.  Our assessment subsets allow the nurse to do focused assessment updates in selected areas (vulnerability, skin assessment, and fall and elopement risk) OR create their own subsets.  CliniDex is designed to allow users to quickly and efficiently complete assessments then assign and delegate services in ResiDex.

Did you know? You can also do Clinical Assessments through our E-Charting component, RTasks, if you have CliniDex enabled! Imagine your staff being able to chart Assessments with an iPad, from anywhere they can get an internet connection, or have cellular reception!

Flexible & Customizable

Assessment questions can be tailored to meet your specific needs!   Facilities that provide specialty services (memory care, behavioral health, higher-level skilled care) can use the flexible question sets to customize CliniDex assessments to meet the needs of their client population.  Our support staff can work with you to create that custom assessment.

Track Resident Risks

Managing fall and elopement risks is an important aspect of senior care.  Assessment items  that relate to potential falls and elopements are incorporated into Admission Assessments & Clinical Updates, so separate assessments for fall & elopement risks aren't necessary. Once an assessment has been completed, a resident's risks are automatically summarized and can be viewed in a number of different reports.

Service Plan Integration 

CliniDex can be configured to link assessment items with services.  For instance, if the nurse documents in an assessment that assistance is needed with bathing, this can prompt the creation of a bathing service. Client needs are effectively matched with agency services;  a seamless process.   And that is just the beginning!  Every aspect of ResiDex & its component modules are designed to eliminate unnecessary data entry.

User-Friendly Data Entry

All ResiDex modules, including CliniDex, share the same user-friendly design.  Even our newest clients tell us our software is intuitive and easy to use!  Data is saved automatically and navigation does not require scrolling or multiple screens.  Training staff to use CliniDex is fast, easy, and inexpensive (training is part of our support services!).  In addition to the online training available, a full library of training documents and videos is available online, 24/7, on our support website!