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Assisted Living Residents in an Activity Class

ActiviDex is the ultimate tool for managing resident activities in your assisted living center, group home, or residential care facility. ActiviDex allows staff to efficiently schedule, manage, and document activities, allowing more quality time spent with residents and clients!  With the Activity Inventory, Calendars, and attendance reports, ActiviDex offers the full range of tools needed to manage a successful activity program.  

Activity Inventory

The Activity Inventory is a tool that can be used to identify the interests and preferences of your individual residents.  This not only provides help in planning (offering insight into the types of activities that would be well-received), but it can enable staff to quickly determine who might be interested in baking pies, or who the fourth player for a game of Bridge might be!

Activity Planning

The goal of any Activities department is to offer a wide variety of offerings to meet the interests and preferences of their clients.  ActiviDex organizes events by category, based upon the 6 Dimensions of Wellness-- including the physical, psychosocial, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and occupational realms. This can guide the Activity Director in creating activity schedules that are holistic and address all aspects of clients' wellness needs. 

Activity Scheduling

The creation of an activity calendar is streamlined in ActiviDex; it is based upon a 2-week calendar template of recurring activities. Staff need only update each cycle with new, seasonal, or "one-time" events.  A number of calendar formats and sizes are available which can be personalized with pictures, clip art, or free-text additions, creating the perfect calendar for your setting!

Activity Documentation

Documentation of activities attendance and participation can be helpful in planning future activities, but can also be pulled into a report that provides valuable documentation for each client or resident.  This information is well-received by families during care conferences,  by managed care providers, or other interested parties.  Activity documentation tools have been designed to be extremely easy to use whether done on paper, PC, or on a touchscreen tablet;  entry may be completed by each activity, or by each resident.  Unscheduled activities can be entered and documented as well, allowing staff to capture the spontaneous, last-minute events that are part of a dynamic activity program.   

Do you have an active volunteer program?  ActiviDex has the ability to track staff and/or volunteer hours spent in activities with residents, data often used as the basis for volunteer recognition and appreciation.