RTasks Unplugged

Disconnected E-Charting: RTasks & E-MAR E-Charting in an environment with limited / unreliable wireless internet connectivity

Unreliable wireless internet signals are not uncommon in health care settings. Spotty internet connection, Wi-Fi dead zones, and weak signals all make it difficult to do electronic charting of services and medication administrations. ResiDex Software offers a solution in the form of RTasks Unplugged! 

RTasks Unplugged, sometimes called "Disconnected Charting" is an optional capability that extends the features of RTasks and E-MARs. It allows users to download their RTasks "to-do" list to their mobile device, go offline and e-chart asynchronously without a wireless signal. Throughout the shift they can intermittently come back within range of a wireless signal,  then upload all e-charting they had done offline (including unscheduled services and PRN medications).

How Offline Charting Works

Users  will need some kind of internet connection available in the building. This could be as simple as a small WiFi router giving access to an office or a small area of your building, or a single mobile wireless data hot-spot.

  • Before a user is to begin e-charting, they go within range of their internet connection,  log into RTasks as they would normally, and press the "Disconnected Mode" button (visible to users where RTasks Unplugged has been enabled). 
  • A user's To-Do list is downloaded to the user's device - the user is now disconnected from ResiDex servers and is charting asynchronously. The user can now leave the range of their WiFi signal to go provide cares and chart.
  • When a user is back in range of a wireless signal, they can press the "Connected Mode" button - the user's device is then synchronized with ResiDex servers.  All other (connected) RTasks users can now see what this user has charted! 
  • The above process can be repeated as needed, with users constantly downloading and uploading e-charting logs. 

Disconnected Charting works with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple computers), Android Devices (Android smartphones, tablets, ChromeBooks) and Windows Devices (Windows Smartphones, tablets and computers)!

The Trade Off

Disconnected Charting is useful in scenarios of limited or problematic internet connectivity, but it comes at a price.

Normally RTasks users interact synchronously, in real-time - when one user charts in RTasks, their coworker will immediately see the results of that charting. 
With Disconnected Charting, one or more user is offline at a time. If a disconnected user charts that they provided a PRN medication, that information isn't available to other users until they "sync up" their charting , and other users download them. 
Establishing regular times to download/upload data and communication between staff using snap messaging (particularly when administering PRNs) can address these concerns.