Service Plans

Nurse and Senior Woman Discussing Assisted Living Service PlansService Plans (or Care Plans) lie at the very core of ResiDex software's data management capabilities. ResiDex allows nursing staff to create, manage, and delegate the cares and services to be provided. The system is easy to learn, easy to use, and will "slash" nursing time spent creating and managing service plans.

Record Resident Service Plans

While ResiDex provides a basic list of service options to facilities, the service list is completely customizable to your organization, and to each location.  If your site provides specialty services (behavioral health, dementia care, high-level skilled care), you can easily create the services and service sets needed to best meet your needs.

To create the Service Plan, nurses simply select options from your available services list, add text to provide custom detail (if desired)  and then specify time/frequency and the assigned provider.  In addition, ResiDex offers several "shortcuts" to the creation of a new plan--  Mass Add and Copy features are effective ways to enter data efficiently.

It gets better: Thanks to ResiDex's integration with CliniDex, our Assessment component, the nurse can even automatically generate all or part of a resident's service plans just by doing an assessment for that resident. For instance, if a resident needs escorts to meals, answering that option in the assessment will trigger the creation of a corresponding service.  Nurses are able to complete an admission assessment and develop the service plan simultaneously!

Put Your Service Plan Data to Work

Once resident service plans have been created, delegation and communication of the plan can begin.  Staff are able to generate Daily Assignments and Service Charting Logs, which can be printed in a variety of formats and layouts-- in fact, if we don't have the layout you need we will create it for you. Alternatively, you may opt to increase efficiency even more by implementing our unparalleled E-Charting system, which allows staff to electronically chart services (both scheduled and unscheduled)  directly in ResiDex!

Service plans can generate a number of other reports - customizable Resident Service Agreements or Service Plans can be created with just a click. Staff can be automatically notified when new Service Agreements are needed due to care-level changes. ResiDex enables facilities to keep services and Service Agreements 100% synchronized - in fact any report created in ResiDex will automatically offer up-to-date service plan information. 

ResiDex Software's Billing component is also tightly integrated with service plan data. Users can specify which services are included in care packages, which are fee-for-service, whether a service should be billed fixed-count, fixed rate or with a variable rate pricing, and more. When services are documented by staff, this can be configured to directly generate billing data-- allowing agencies to bill EXACTLY for the services which have been provided.