Security & Staff Management

Assisted Living Staff Meeting

ResiDex offers all the tools you need to manage staff and keep data HIPAA-compliant. Users can easily track profile data, certifications, In-Service training, notes, meeting attendance, and punctuality in ResiDex. Most importantly, our access system allows administrators to set permissions for each and every employee ensuring HIPAA compliance.


Access to ResiDex is via secure, password-protected logins.  Administrators are able to define roles in Residex on a "need-to-know" basis.  If the administrator has not specifically granted access (the Staff Role) to an individual, their ability to see a certain type of information (for instance, medication records or billing data) is restricted.  Other employees may be granted "Read Only" capability, but lack the ability to enter or modify the data.  Staff with limited data access may still be allowed access to a limited number of reports such as assignment sheets or emergency information) needed to perform their job.

In addition to Staff Roles, ResiDex has a number of other security logging features :

  • Access Logging - documents who and when an employee has logged in 
  • Report Logging - tracks which staff and when printed reports have been generated
  • Failed Sign-in Logging - records attempted login attempts with relevant details
  • Change Logging - when any record is created or changed in ResiDex, user name, date and time is logged
  • Audit Trails - something not correct? Audit trails on key records provide the change history for that record, allowing analysis and documentation.
  • RTasks, our online charting capability has even more security options!

Staff Data

ResiDex is a valuable management tool, tracking basic staff profile data such as:

  • Contact info, addresses, birthdays, emergency contacts
  • Past TB tests, x-rays, and future due dates.  
  • Hepatitis-B status
  • Staff evaluations & future evaluation due date
  • Instances of direct supervision of delegated tasks
  • Staff can get automatic reminders when TB tests, x-rays, Hep-B statuses, and even staff evaluations are due!

Staff Certifications

ResiDex can track staff certifications and licensures required for employment. All relevant certification & details can be tracked, including expiration dates.  Automatic reminders can be set to alert managers up those dates. Make sure your organization is in full compliance!

In Service Tracking

Tracking the inservice and training your staff members have participated in is easily managed in ResiDex.  Reports can be generated demonstrating summaries of training by individual employee, as well as reports of those employees not in compliance. 

Tardiness & Meeting Attendance

Documentation of attendance and  staff tardiness can generate work attendance summaries-- helpful in the event of staff discipline or for performance reviews. Additionally, staff meetings can be recorded in Residex, including topics covered, minutes, and staff attendance.  You will know who attended any given meeting and can generate summaries and minute reports to absent staff, keeping them in the loop!

Staff Notes

ResiDex software allows managers to capture anecodotes and feedback about staff with our staff notes tool. Record resident or family praise, negative reviews, commendations, rebukes, warnings, and general comments. When staff performance appraisals are due,  all of these staff notes (as well as meeting attendance and on-time work record) are just a click a way.  ResiDex provides ease of entry that makes management tasks a breeze!