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Medication BottleResiDex Software's medication management system has flexibility allowing each facility to accurately track all resident medication information and document the assistance or administration of medications with ease, regardless of whether they are employing dosage boxes, punch packs, or the like.  Documentation can be accomplished on a paper MAR, but electronic med charting, available at the touch of a button, offers the ability to track medication in "real time" with reductions in medication errors and improved reporting capabilities.

MARS & EMAR--  Paper-based charting
Printed and Electronic Med Assistance Records are user-friendly reports that show all of the medications a resident is prescribed, including self-administered, nurse-administered and aide-administered medications.

Medication Assistance Sheet
Medications are displayed in a user-friendly, flow-sheet style grid, allowing aides to initial medications as they are administered. Special instructions can be included, and new or changed medications are highlighted to draw staff's attention to the change. Residex shades calendar dates for which a medication is not to be given, reducing the chance of medication error.  

As Needed Medications
Various report formats are available for As Needed ("PRN") medications. These documents allow staff to chart all As Needed meds that have been provided to a resident over a period of time. You can also optionally configure these reports to include columns for tracking results.

Advanced options include an "As Needed Pain Med" format that shows the meds prescribed for mild to moderate pain together with the meds prescribed for severe pain. By tracking these all together, the cumulative number of meds taken for pain can be viewed at the same time.

Medication Setup Charts
Medication Setup charts are provided in a format similar to MARs, but sorted alphabetically rather than by time; much like the MAR, the med setup charts also highlight new and changed medications and include associated special instructions.

EMAR CHARTING:  How does Med E-Charting work?

ResiDex Med E-Charting/Med Recap is a great way to document medication assistance services. Not only can Residex Emar track when and to whom med assistance was provided and which staff member provided the assistance... it also allows notes that can include reasons for refusal, "held" medications, or any other details surrounding the administration.  Med E-Charting was designed with a touch-screen interface and works well on iPads and Android tablets as well as laptop or desktop computers.

  • Medications are entered into desktop ResiDex, and Med Assists are assigned
  • Staff members log in and look at their e-charting screen, an electronic "to-do" list of med assists and service charting
  • Staff members click on and check off what services & med assists they've provided (including As-Needed Med assists and Unscheduled Services), indicating when meds are skipped/declined and recording notes when needed.
  • At the touch of a button, staff can view med history (when was this medication last given?) as well as facility policy or procedure regarding the administration.
  • Because staff can clearly see when their task/service lists are completed for the day, the chance of missed medications or missed documentation are significantly lower. Nurses will not spend precious time reviewing, clarifying, completing, and filing paper MARs at the end of the month.  
  • It's that simple! When staff mark services and med assists complete, they are generating the documentation.  Printing paper reports is not necessary as a rule, flowsheet-style reports are available at the touch of a button. These documents show all services & med assists with authenticating staff initials, and include service-related notes that staff have added.  These documents are always legible, crisply-printed and formatted.

A little more about on Med E-Charting...

  • When live-charting med assists and services, users can quickly see when a med or service recap has been missed - a med wasn't provided?  Staff and supervisors can be made aware of this right away!
  • Staff can view all relevant details quickly, including dosage, frequency, route, indications, med history and special instructions.
  • Editing the resident's record once can immediately update daily assignments, current medication lists, service plans.  No need to transcribe the change in multiple places! This automation is a time-saver.
  • Staff can easily chart unscheduled medications and services; they can see when the last med was provided and are alerted if administration is too soon. All services, including unscheduled services, can be captured and billed through the ResiDex Billing component.

ResiDex software can save time;  record information once, access information where you need it.   It's about generating accurate, complete documentation that reflects the highest quality of care.  THAT is what ResiDex is about!

If you're interested in the ResiDex E-MAR you can learn more about it here!