Incident Tracking

Nurse and Assisted Living Resident Clasping HandsResiDex provides a tool for tracking incidents that occur within your Assisted Living Center or Group Home. Each facility can determine what  type of incidents they will track, as well as the information they want recorded about each incident.  This degree of customization allows facilities to effectively "mine" the data they need to address concerns and prevent incidents!


Customized to Fit Your Needs

Incident Types

Facility staff can create as many types of incidents as are needed, each with its own set of questions. Some common types of incidents our clients track:

  • Resident Falls
  • Medication Errors
  • Possible Theft
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Elopement
  • Skin Breakdown
  • Possible Abuse
  • Financial Exploitation
  • 911 Call
  • Other Injury
  • Possible Neglect
  • Complaints

Incident Questions

  • Each Incident type can have it's own unique set of questions
  • Questions can include yes/no, multiple choice, and free text options-- allowing supervisors to get the information needed to address current and prevent future incidents.
  • Questions can include body diagrams to assist staff in identifying the location of an injury.  Vital signs can be entered directly into the incident, linking these effectively to all other documentation.
  • Incidents are documented initially by the direct care staff who witnessed the event.  This can be configured to "trigger" a clinical review by the nursing supervisor, with additional questions asked.  
  • Incidents can be integrated with our Task Management system, creating a "to do" list linked to that incident.
  • Incident documentation can be completed at point-of-service using ResiDex Software's Rtasks tablet-based charting, thus creating a complete and time-sensitive report of the incident.

Following Up

Nurses may add an unlimited number of follow-up notes directly linked to each incident recorded; this can be used to demonstrate  improvement from injuries sustained during an incident, or document staff  efforts in preventing an incident from recurring.

Excellent Reporting

Recording incidents in ResiDex ensures your incident records are comprehensive, consistent and of the highest quality! All incidents can be pulled into reports that include any relevant follow-up notes, making incident analysis easy and effective.

A few quick examples of our most commonly used Incident Reports:

  • Incident Report - A summary of a single resident incident, including all Incident survey answers and follow up notes
  • Incident Summary - All incidents at your organization in a specific time range (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) Incident Summary reports can optionally include graphs of all incidents your organization has recorded.
  • Incident Analysis - show all incidents of a specific type, i.e. show all of the falls at your location in a specified date range.

 ResiDex Incident tracking can be a key tool used in any Quality Improvement initiative!