Nurse Charting in ResiDexResiDex is designed to make documentation streamlined and simple, no matter the approach!

For the organization that opts to use a traditional paper-based approach to documentation, ResiDex offers a variety of service plan and medication record formats that can be printed for staff use. If a paperless option is preferred, our powerful electronic charting system is at your disposal. View the same to-do lists or assignments as on paper charts, but all documentation and service recap is done electronically on computers, iPads, and/or Android tablets.

Documentation in either system--paper-based or paperless--is made much simpler with ResiDex software.  

Traditional Charting

Once nurses enters resident data into ResiDex, staff can print Daily Assignment Sheets, Flow Sheets, and Service/Med Assist charting logs in a wide variety of formats and layouts. If you can't find a layout or format you're comfortable with --we will create it for you.

Efficient E-Charting with RTasks

How does E-Charting Work

RTasks is, in essence, an interactive version of our printed Daily Assignment sheets. It can be viewed by any computer or iPad/Android tablet with access to an internet connection.

  • Staff log into rtasks.net from a computer or tablet using their own unique login.  
  • Each user identifies their scheduled role that day and are able to view an up-to-date list of services and tasks that have been assigned by the nurse.  Not only can they see the list of services, they can open each task to reveal task detail, history, and even policy/procedural references.  Staff have the ability to sort their list based upon resident name, room number, task type, or time of day, allowing each person to organize and view data in a manner that is user-friendly.  Staff can view "to-do" items as well as tasks that have already been completed at the touch of a button.   
  • To document or "recap" a service as complete, the user clicks on the service and can mark the service as completed or declined/skipped.  If the latter is selected, the staff will be prompted to enter a reason either by entering free text or selecting a predetermined option (Resident refusal, Out of facility, etc....) \
  • RTasks also has an optional Disconnected E-Charting component, which helps to smooth over issues with unreliable or weak wireless networks!

Learn more about E-Charting!
Learn more about Disconnected Charting!

RTasks has an optional E-MAR Extension!

  • To recap a medication administration, staff chart exactly the same way they would with a service;  the user is shown detailed information about medications to be provided, dosage, frequency, route, indications, and any special instructions.  Medications can be marked as provided or declined/skipped (again with a note of explanation). Users can always be sure they are providing the right medication in the correct dosage to the proper person at the correct time!
  • Unscheduled or "as needed" meds, services and tasks are captured through the "+More" button that also includes incident documentation, messages, and notes.

It's that simple - staff can log in and document with a just a click (or a touch); they have the option of entering more detailed information (free-texting) if needed.  Electronic charting allows staff to chart real-time at point-of-service, meaning fewer missed services or forgotten vital signs.  If needed for care conferences or state survey, reports are easily generated that show all services provided, neatly printed with employee initials, "e-signatures", and including service-related notes and comments.

Complete documentation means complete billing as well; point-of-service charting captures the services provided which flows directly to the organization's billing system.  No gaps or lapses in the system!

Learn more about the RTasks E-MAR component!

Several benefits to the E-Charting approach

  • NO MORE PAPER! No reams of paper in the office; no stacks of documents to review and file. Employees have convenient but controlled access to information needed to provide services.
  • Chart forms are loss-proof (lose a charting log? Print a new one any time!)
  • When E-Charting in RTasks, staff can readily see or be alerted when a med or service recap has been missed or is late. You'll know right away!
  • Services are scheduled and tasklists created automatically.  No preparation of worksheets or "to-do" lists is necessary!
  • Polished documentation - documentation is printable at the touch of a button, producing easy-to-read, crisply-formatted documents.  

It's about saving you time. 

It's about generating high-quality documentation.

It's about capturing services rendered and billing appropriately.

It is about making sure you are providing the highest quality of care - THAT is what ResiDex is about!

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