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Resident Data

Senior Couple Looking to the Future from a Park BenchResiDex software easily records and manages profile data for residents and clients, but this is only "scratching the surface" of what ResiDex can offer!

ResiDex is designed to reduce data entry as much as possible. Data entered once will effectively populate documents and reports.  Data can be viewed electronically or printed in a variety of reports formatted to meet your needs.

Demographic Information Tracking

A brief list of just some of the demographic information that can be tracked:

  • Critical Dates
  • Address / Room Number & Phone number
  • Allergies
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Case Manager
  • Vehicle / Storage Locker
  • Code Status
  • TB Status
  • Funeral Home Preference
  • Hospital Preference
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospice Preference
  • Rate Schedule / Billing Options
  • Status History
  • Unit Activity
  • And much more

Demographic Reporting

Reporting is a key tool in ResiDex. We have many standardized reports available to users, and we can further tailor reports to fit your needs.  If need be, we can work with you to create new reports!

To name just name a few of our standard reports:

  • Envelope address labels for contacts, and other contact lists & summaries
  • Resident face sheets and profiles
  • Resident status history - active days Vs. hold days
  • Allergies
  • Resident lists, rosters & censuses (organized in a variety of different ways)
  • Resident birthdays, parking or locker assignments
  • Specific resident populations (such as veterans)

... and many more, at the touch of a button.