Better Software. Better Support.


ResiDex offers an unparalleled level of support. Our users know assistance is as close as their phone or computer keyboard! We offer support via telephone, email, web- conferencing as well as offering a full web-based library of documents and video resources available for reference.   

  • Your concerns are our priority.  Residex clients have full access to our support staff as needed, never at an extra charge.
  • Comprehensive and regularly scheduled training: We offer regular web-based classes to cover every possible ResiDex training your staff could need. Our classes not enough? We can schedule 1:1 training to meet your needs.
  • Online documentation and video tutorials: our large library of documents and videos cover everything needed to know to use ResiDex.  These are available for viewing at www.residexsoftware.com/support2/
  • Report Customization: Residex offers over 1100 different Reports, many created at the request of our clients.  These reports can be used to coordinate and communicate care, offer spreadsheet solutions to data management, and pull statistics for Quality Improvement Programs.  If it can be tracked in ResiDex, we can generate reports on it!  



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