Residex Billing

Invoices Ready to MailAn accurate, efficient billing system is critical to the success of any organization; ResiDex offers just such a solution to our ResiDex clients. Our billing system is easy to use, flexible, and integrates completely with all ResiDex components,  making use of your resident data, service plans and charting logs to reduce the amount of time spent generating invoices.

ResiDex Billing accommodates a wide variety of billing needs, including use of care packages, care levels, points, fee-for-service, or any combination of these. The ResiDex Billing system also accommodates multiple payer scenarios, including MA or Elderly Waiver programs. Generate monthly invoices and summary reports to help in tracking accounts!

Care Packages (Levels)

Care Packages (or Service Packages) are a commonly used approach to billing for Assisted Living services. Using this approach, an organization may have specified levels of care. Staff can identify the current level of care and its effective date; a fixed charge for a resident's level of care will be billed monthly. Care Packages can be used solo or in conjunction with rent charges.

Fee for Service

Fee for service billing allows an organization to charge for services as delivered. Some options within the Fee-For-Service billing approach include:

Variable Rate Pricing - Service charges are calculated per unit of time (e.g. per 15 minute increment), so vary based upon the time it takes to provide each service.  If a service takes 15 minutes or less to provide, the resident will be charged for 1 15-minute increment. If the service takes 16-30 minutes to provide, the resident would be billed for two increments.

Fixed Rate Pricing - The cost of a Fixed Rate  service will vary based only on how many times services are delivered, no matter how long it took to provide the services.

Fixed Count Pricing - Charges for services based upon the unit count of a service provided; this is commonly used for services like laundry, billed by the load.

Combination of Charges

ResiDex Billing accommodates any combination of charge types. Some clients may be billed on a Fee-For-Service basis, others on a Care-Package-Basis. No problem! Have all your residents on care packages, but provide some extra services as fee-For-service and others as fixed-count? ResiDex Billing is the billing platform for you.

Other Charges

ResiDex Billing can handle still other types of charges.

  • Charge for any fixed recurring monthly charge (telephone, cable)
  • Charge back for supplies used by the resident
  • Charge for miscellaneous expenses incurred through your center (i.e., Massage Therapy, Beauty Shop or Deli charges)

Special Billing Cases

ResiDex Billing can accommodate any billing scenario, including:

Multi-Payer Billing - often used when a client is receiving subsidies as well as paying privately;

Multi-Org Billing - when apartment rental and health care services are provided by separate entities, requiring the generation of separate invoices;

Billing the State - When special service logs must be maintained to document services the state is reimbursing.