Task Management

Creating and Assigning Assisted Living Tasks to Nursess

ProsPex enables you to manage tasks and "to-do" lists effectively and in a timely manner.

Managing waiting lists,  leads, and marketing & sales efforts involves a great deal of coordination. Managing these tasks effectively is vital in meeting goals. ProsPex offers an integrated component, Task Manager, that allows managers to assign tasks to any of their ResiDex users, and to  provides notifications of all upcoming and/or unfinished tasks. 

Create and Assign Tasks

Tasks can be assigned to yourself or to staff members. Each task can be associated with a lead, a resident, or a designated contact, and allow an overview of tasks assigned and completed for that particular person. From the Task Management screen you can easily record progress notes for each task and mark tasks complete.

The Task Manager gives you an overview of all of  open tasks so you can see what is coming up and still due. Viewing closed tasks is just as easy, allowing you to follow up on completed tasks, and to see the progress of your staff on their tasks and recorded notes.


ResiDex offers a wide number of summary reports that can be effective management tools.  These allow effective oversight of staff, document  task management, and offer an valuable solution for your workplace!