Prospect Information

Nurse Gsthering Assisted Living Prospect Information

Lead Sources

An effective marketing strategy is important in attracting qualified residents to your facility.  How effective is your strategy? Who are your best referral sources?  Your top prospects?  ResiDex Software's ProsPex module enables easy tracking of such data.  Staff can easily document referral types (word of mouth, hosted event, mailing, internet, and doctor or clinic referral) as well as resource contacts.  Data entered into ProsPex enables report summaries that identify what your most effective marketing tools are, making better use of your marketing time and dollars.

Lead Interests, Preferences & Needs

Quickly recording key information such as demographic and contact information can begin the process.  Adding data about your prospects' interests and needs allows an easy reference for follow-up phone calls and effective marketing:

Prospective resident interests

If you offer specific programs, activities, or have specific amenities that a prospect expresses interest in, you can capture that information in a note and include this in follow up conversations OR invite them back to take part in programming related to that interest!

Room Preferences

Record the room preferences of your leads, including the order of preference (i.e. a lead's 1st preference is a two bedroom room, 2nd preference is a suite, 3rd preference is a 1 bedroom room, etc).

Record your communications and progress

Make notes of interactions with leads, track progress, and schedule future contact with these prospective clients at predetermined intervals and have these come to you as "reminders" on a task list in Task Manager assists in creating relationships with the prospective clients and families.

Record what time frame prospective clients are considering for potential move in (i.e. 0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc) to aid in management of the waiting list.


ProsPex provides easy access to all contact information entered for prospective residents, their families & important decision-makers. 

ProsPex can be a key part of your effective marketing program; used in conjunction with ResiDex software, it creates a seamless way to record and track information from first contact to discharge!