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Assessment Occasions

Senior Woman and Nurse of an Assisted LivingOne size does not fit all when it comes to assessment requirements for assisted living and residential settings. State and organizational requirements and client needs will vary. CliniDex allows each organization to establish their own unique assessment occasions, with their own specific set of questions.  Assessment items can be added, altered, and customized, enabling your organization to capture the information you need to provide quality care and services. Examples of assessment opportunities:

Pre-Admission Assessment

The Pre-Admission Assessment allows nursing staff to gather information necessary to determine the appropriateness of the prospective client for their setting. Question items might include demographic information, the prospective client's ability to communicate needs or to manage their activities of daily living.  The Pre-Admission Assessment also alerts the nurse to the prospective's clients need for special equipment or services prior to move-in.

Once entered into Clinidex, the Pre-Admission assessment data can automatically populate appropriate fields in the admission assessment, avoiding redundant entry and saving valuable nursing time.

Admission Assessments

The Admission Assessment is conducted just prior to or at admission and is used to review client health history and to determine their current service needs.  Assessment questions may fall under the following categories:

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Independent Living
  • Medications Used
  • Physical Status
  • Orientation and Cognition
  • Safety

Clinical Update

The Clinical Update is an assessment tool that can be used to document the changing needs of the client after the initial Admission Assessment has been completed. Each Clinical Update, in essence, is built upon the previous assessment;  it allows the nurse to view previous responses to the selected questions and either opt to change the response, or have it remain the same.  The user is prompted upon the completion of the tool to set the next date of assessment (in line with state-required frequency, or agency policy).  If the client experiences a significant change of condition, the nurse may opt to complete the Clinical Update and then "reset" the next scheduled date of assessment.   Nurses can receive automatic notifications of assessments due through Residex's Notifications feature, avoiding late or missed assessments.

Assessment Subsets

While not a distinct assessment type, this feature allows the nurse to pull selected question into assessment subsets to address an area of resident concern.  Examples of standard assessment subsets include Vulnerable Adult, Elopement Risk, Fall Risk, and Skin Assessment.  The nurse is able to select the subset he/she wishes to address;  those assessment questions that pertain to the selected topic are filtered, enabling the nurse to perform a focused assessment.  Data can be pulled effectively into reports that address the targeted assessment concern:  the individual's vulnerability, elopement risk, fall risk, and skin assessments. Facilities may develop their own assessment subsets to address other concerns, such as bed safety or mental status.

Transfer / Discharge

The Transfer and Discharge Assessments are completed by nurses and build off of previous assessments completed.  Because not all transfers occur in a planned way, ResiDex supports a rich library of high-quality, detailed reports that can be printed by staff and accompany the resident in emergent transfer situations, ensuring continuity of care.