Assessment Forms

Senior Woman Filling Out an Assessment FormSome organizations enter assessments electronically; others use a paper-based approach to record assessments before entering details into CliniDex. In either case, CliniDex can streamline the process and create quality reports and documents.

Blank Forms

Blank forms list your own assessment questions and response options for each question. Blank forms can be run for each specific assessment occasion, providing a paper-based version of the electronic assessment with blanks to indicate answers. Simply complete the assessment and enter the results exactly as you see them into CliniDex!


CliniDex assessment worksheets offer a quick and easy way to perform follow-up assessments on paper. In addition to listing all of the questions and possible responses for your assessments, an assessment worksheet populates previous answers to assessment questions;  the nurse need only document changes.  Fast and simple! After you've recorded your results on paper, it's just a quick step to enter them into CliniDex.


CliniDex allows staff to print Assessment Overviews (documenting each instance of assessment completed with date and responsible staff) as well as  summaries for each assessment performed, including any notes that were recorded with the assessment results. No need to print out and file each and every assessment;  they are available at the touch of a button!